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The CSW Alliance is the result of a UK grass-roots movement to set up a mechanism for NGOs to relate to one another and to government around the UN’s annual Commission on the Status of Women meetings. It was established in July 2012 and has grown from c.80 to c.150 individuals and organisations (by March 2014), strengthening its alliance model of working and developing more effective ways of working together and with the UK Government to ensure positive outcomes at CSW

'It is a transparent, collaborative and innovative network of groups and individuals working to achieve gender equality through international engagement.'

Thanks to a grant from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, NAWO provides Secretariat support to the CSW Alliance, and can be contacted via email at csw-alliance@nawo.org.uk.

Information and updates:

  • The UK NGO CSW Alliance hosted an open meeting to explore 'What Next?' in terms of Gender Equality, through the Beijing Platform for Action and the Sustainable Development Goals.  The meeting featured MPs, the GEO, Women's Rights Organisations and interested individuals.  See more at this page.
  • PUBLICATION: the UK NGO CSW Alliance produces: 'Personal Voices and Reflections on BPFA from UK Women's Rights NGOs' (celebrating 20 years since the Beijing Platform for Action) was officially available from Thursday 25th June, and was distributed at the Open Meeting.  For an online version see here.
  • CSW59 Information, read the current documents produced by members of the UK NGO CSW Alliance and find out about events here.
  • UN Open Debate on Sexual Violence in Conflict, April 15th, UN HQ. Read the US representatives statement and watch the videos here. UN Sexual Violence in Conflict Website here
  • Letter to the Economist on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Article, initiated by Marianne Haslegrave of the Commonwealth Medical Trust (Commat) and signed by over 85 Organisations, including many CSW Alliance Members. Read the letter: Economist Letter, published 11th April and view it in the Economist alongside other responses here
  • 1 for 7 Billion call for 'a better process for appointing the Secretary General of the United Nations', drawing attention to a UN debate on this topic, scheduled to take place at UN Headquarters on April 27th, read their call for action letter by clicking here.

Work and lobbying communications:

  • All the news from the Commission on the Status of Women 59 (CSW59), which took place from 9th - 25th March 2015 on this page. Please email us at csw-alliance@nawo.org.uk if you would like to add CSW59 Commentary and Analysis.
  • Members of the UK NGO CSW Alliance contributed to a Beijing + 20 Shadow Report:'UK Women: Rights & Progress' that was authored by members of the Alliance.  The Report outlines the different perspectives of NGOs on the position of women and girls in the UK as we approach the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.  Distribute it round your networks, and for further information or to comment please contact us at: csw-alliance@nawo.org.uk
  • To push forward the report and concerns therein many Members attended a Regional Review Meeting for CSW59 which took place in Geneva on November 3rd - 5th, and was hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.  An intergovernmental conference took place directly after on November 6 and 7. Most recently representatives of the UK CSW NGO Alliance attended a consultation meeting with the GEO on CSW59, minutes here. These meetings aimed to assess the challenges and progress in implementing the BPFA and establishing gender equality.  Read Annette's analysis of this meeting.
  • The UK NGO CSW Alliance agreed to write a letter to Rt Hon Philip Hammond, Rt Hon Justice Greening and David Hallam regarding civil society involvement under the new Co-Chairs (Co-facilitators) for the intergovernmental negotiations on the post 2015 development agenda.  A response was received from Baroness Northover, Parliamentary Undersecretary of State, on 11 November, read this here.
  • Subsequent to this there has been issued by the 'Co-facilitators' a 'Food for Thought' paper, outlining the working methods and programme envisaged in the post 2015 development agenda negotiations.  In regard to this the CSW Alliance sent  a letter outlining two chief concerns to Baroness Northover, and received a correspondence in return on 2 December.

We would love to host member news here, please email us the details you want hosted to csw-alliance@nawo.org.uk

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